Commercial Solar


With the prices of electricity constantly increasing, and the massive reduction in solar product cost over the past years, a commercial solar solution is far more viable and, affordable. Commercial setups work in the same manner as conventional solar systems – just on a much larger scale. Electricity is harvested from the sun and either stored in batteries, or pushed back into the electricity grid.

Commercial installations have a design life of 15+ years – so choose a partner that will ensure the continued success of your investment.

We ensure top notch design and lifetime performance of any systems we build.

Remote monitoring of our systems is done with cutting edge methodologies – which enables us to alert you of any issues before they occur.

We have partnered with large commercial distributors to ensure competitive pricing and service levels you can rely on.

Our approach

We begin with an on-site audit of your unique situation – considering many factors such as:

  • Lighting
  • Large machinery, and the type of loads the produce
  • Measurement of the current power consumption
  • Analysis of current Energy bills
  • Identification of known problematic utilities – such as air conditioners
  • Analysis of current electrical footprint
  • Current distribution board and wiring layouts
  • Special cases such as datacenter / telecoms equipment – which require high-quality power to ensure data protection, cost viability and failover time estimations
  • We then architect an efficient and cost effective system, customised to your needs

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