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IP65 LED High Bay lights

Our IP65 rated LED High bay lights  have a unique design that creates a perfectly uniformed visual appearance in just about any environment and has Specifically  been introduced to replace old conventional  type industrial or factory lights. These lights can be used in factories , workshops and other areas where

In comparison with old conventional industrial  lights LED High bay lights provides more than 4 x the brightness for less than half of the energy usage and reduced  maintenance while enhancing the quality of light by producing 137 lumens per watt. In addition a 120 degree beam angle ensures maximum distribution of quality light.


LED High bay lights  can be used in a variety of different applications such as warehouses, workshops, mining , basements, mechanical workshops and just about any area fitted with conventional type fluorescent base lights or common industrial lights.



Specifications :

IP65 LED High Bay lights 

– 120 Degree beam angle
– Full aluminium housing
– Waterproof
– 220-277V

2 Year warranty

LED High bay light ranges:

IP 65 LED High bay 100 Watt 

Power Consumption: 100 Watt , 13200 lumens

Color Temperature:  6000 Kelvin

IP 65 LED HIgh bay 140 Watt 

Power Consumption: 140Watt  19200 Lumens brightness

Color Temperature:  6000 Kelvin

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